Sunday, September 19, 2010

All moved in!

Here are our "current" pics - was going to call them the finished product but we are by no means finished! (we're not even half started!)

Upstairs view from outside the balcony - looking on to the block where we take the dogs to wee if it's too muddy to have them outside :)Lunchtime on about day 4 ... looking very weary but still loving the house!
Master bedroom still with crap to put away (yes we always put ourselves last!)

Special thanks to Dad for building and starting the vegie garden for me as we were unloading the truck, I finally planted it yesterday. Looking forward to having the crops this time! (that's a running joke - i never ever get to have any of my own crops for reasons beyond my control - we always move out before they fruit - so now that we're in this house, I'm probably testing the waters but I figure what's a house without a vegie garden?? - I'm doing it anyway!)

View of outside from my kitchen window

View of kitchen window

My very sexy cooker! She cooks so beautifully!

View of kitchen from the side.

View of kitchen from middle of lounge (yes those lights are going shortly - i hate them!)

Jessie crapped on the floor yesterday at around 6am so I was NOT HAPPY and they can stay out for as long as it takes for her to get some brownie points. The dogs aren't too thrilled about their current outside arrangement...

Meals area and alfresco

The home theatre (the guitar hero room) - this one is a work in progress, we will be getting another telly apparently and damn it this couch has to go!

Mummy's lounge room (one side)

Other side

Powder room from toilet side

My laundry

Damon's room part 1
Damon's room part 2

Boys bathroom part 1

Boys bathroom part 2

Boys bathroom part 3

Jake's room part 1

Jake's room part 2

Bay's room part 1

Bay's room part 2

Upstairs lounge and study nook

Our 24 hour view of the front door (yes the cat is ALWAYS there wanting to come in)

Ensuite part 1
Ensuite part 2

The mountain of boxes (this was only part of it!)

My lovely kitchen

New fridge and freezer, and the door to my "office" (pantry!) where the secret family meetings are held.

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